Best Portable Power Supplies

1. Goal generator set Goal Zero Yeti 400 (with solar panel Nomad 20)
Duracell 852-1807 1,800 Watt Five Outlet Rechargeable Power Source
Yeti is not as big as its name implies. The accompanying solar panels can be easily folded when folded with the handle for easy transport, and the small frame of the battery unit occupies a space the size of a lunch box. On the front of the small console there is a huge amount of gadget charging options with plugs for most devices. The generator effectively supports only 12 volt devices, but the solar panel provides a slow charge on the main battery. So, while Goal Zero Yeti charges your phone or plays music, do not consider a larger device.

2. Zero Yette 1250 Silver / Black XX- Large Generator Kit

The Yeti 1250, which weighs more than 100 pounds, is not able to move more than necessary. Goal Zero's large generator kits include add-on options for smartphones, laptops and media players, as well as features for large consumer electronic devices such as fans and even refrigerators. A common complaint is that the battery does not charge very fast and there is not enough money to justify the price.

3. Zero Target Yeti 1250 Silver / Black XX Large Solar Generator

By itself, this product can be described more accurately as a battery. In fact, it's half the battery in the Goal Zero Solar Generator kit that was mentioned earlier. This device can be charged to the wall, but the ideal thing is to charge the device with a compatible solar panel, but it is suitable for your needs. It is still a very heavy device and it is advisable to add the transport option with wheels as shown above.

4. 5000 watt 200AH solar generator and (2) 100 watt solar panel

Prepare Solar provides this green solution for emergency power. We provide generation of energy and generation of photovoltaic energy at prices comparable to those of our competitors at an economical price. The focus without frills has its drawbacks. The battery unit has an industrial appearance, visible by hand and is very heavy (even when the wheels seem standard). The instructions are often referred to as difficult to understand, and there are several 110 V sockets as well as a single USB port, but there is no plug for a small wattage device. People at Be Prepared Solar want to create a custom model that can fix it if it matters.

5. Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator

Potentially called a photovoltaic battery instead of a solar generator, this device does not actually generate electricity on its own, but can charge the car with less than 30 pounds of energy, and the average shape is voluntarily transported. It can also be charged with a custom layout of traditional wall outlets and compatible solar panels. Goal Zero Yeti 400 is good at doing what you do for mobility and utility. Solar energy can be expected without using solar panels purchased separately.

6. Renogy Generator Kit KIT-FIREFLY 20W all in one

As the name suggests, this Renogy product does not need to be powered by a separate purchase or traveled many times. In addition, the all-in-one solar generator weighs only around 12 pounds. With a shape similar to that of a handbag and a convenient handle and plug design, Firefly is ideal for charging your phone and radio during your outdoor activities. It is one of the entries at a more reasonable price on the list and it is simply the icing on the cake.

7. Goal zero Yeti 150 solar generator

The smallest of Goal Zero's potential solar energy packages is a careful entry into the solar world. The modest battery unit is almost universally connected to a standard backlit display with Goal Zero products and easy-to-read displays. Wall, car or solar panels preferred by the user. With approximately $ 200, this is a great way to find a solar panel that best suits your needs.

8. Portable solar generator Monator Gusto 10 Eco Kit (128wh) and solar panel 10w.

This little man looks like a science in the form of a toolbox with yellow paint and an intelligent warning sign. The 15-pound unit can be charged from any wall and includes a small solar panel included in case of emergency. Not bad for $ 200.

If you need to charge some mobile devices to travel outdoors or a short break, the Renogy Firefly All-in-One is the way to the best intersection between form, function and mobility. For long-term or high-efficiency projects, the 200AH generators and complementary panels of Be Prepared Solar provide the required power with a larger name and without a price increase.
Best Portable Power Supplies